Blind spot

In this movie, you see a new usage of the white cane. Except using it to guide you around, it is used as a social device.

As far as I understood, it is actually kind of a smartphone implemented in the white cane. The device uses ‘Foursquare’ to get info about it user’s friends whereabouts. When a friend is in the neighborhood, the device will give you 3 options: Call the friend, find the friend or ignore it. In this way, the blind person knows that his friend is in the neighborhood and he can initiate a chat with him. Whereas if using a traditional cane, the blind person will probably never know that his friend was in the neighborhood if his friend didn’t notice him. Except for using it as a social device, the cane also uses an ultrasonic sensor  to detect objects hanging in the air, which will not be detectable with the normal usage of the white cane.

What are you thoughts about using this white cane to help blind people? If you have a friend using this device, will you start using ‘Foursquare’ in order to let him know where you are? If you are a blind person, will you use this device?




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