Lechal means “take me there” in Hindi and that is exactly what these shoes do. They are designed to bring the (blind) person wearing it to their destination. It works like a gps but instead of using a voice, the shoes will guide the person wearing it with haptic feedback (simple vibrations), in this case making it an ideal aid next to the white cane.

One of our followers commented that if she were blind, she does not want to point that out to the rest of the world in order to not get a special treatment or that people will pity her. Do you think that these shoes will be a good solution for that problem?And will this technology eventually be able to replace the white cane?


Sources: http://www.lechal.in



One response to “Lechal

  1. Wow, I think that this is an amazing technology. I don’t think these shoes would be quit cheap though but I like where the technology is going. Since the shoes interact with your smartphone, it made me think, what if we could let it interact with applications like google glasses for example. With google glasses we are able to monitor things that we would see with our eyes. So for example at a red light which is not supported for the blind, the camera in the glasses can check if the light is green or red and so give signals to the shoes that the person can pass. Or the glasses can check if there is some sort of danger ahead.

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