Braille e-book

Nowadays, you will think that everyone has easy access to a good book. But you’re wrong, for a part of the population, it is not so easy to find a book to read, let alone to find a good book. For blind people who read in braille, the amount of books translated in braille is very limited. With the technology these days you will think that it should not be difficult to make a braille e-reader, that translates books very easily, when they already have braille smartphones. The problem is not that nobody thought of it, on the contrary, you can find some concepts, that date back from 2009, here and here.

So why can’t we find the braille e-readers yet? Because it is not profitable enough for companies to make it.

Do you think that there should be more invested in the development of such an e-reader? Will you sponsor someone who wants to buy such a device?




3 responses to “Braille e-book

  1. Audiobooks are a wonderful alternative!

  2. At a tech convention not so long ago, there was a phone with a protruding screen when you wanted to type on something but indeed audiobooks seem like such an easier alternative for reading or rather listening to books.

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