Raise awareness for blind people

The Norwegian Association of the Blind created some advertisement videos to create more awareness for blind people. They have two types of videos. One type is about the guided dog and the other type is about hiring blind people. In total there are six different advertisements.

Guided dog

Hiring blind people

Do you think that they also should do something like this in Belgium or your own country? Do you have any other examples of creating awareness for blind people? With the upcoming federal elections in Belgium and the European elections in May, do you think that the different parties should include ‘disabled people’ in their agenda?


The other advertisements.


2 responses to “Raise awareness for blind people

  1. Perhaps the awareness of the people in Belgium isn’t there, the attention from the government is however. They get very well taken care off. The opinion about guide dogs is wildly spread though. The general rule is that you can’t touch the dogs while working but usually the person with the dog doesn’t mind. It opens up a conversation for them, something they are sometimes short off. The dogs are companions but the craving for human contact which is often overlooked in some cases is what the dogs bring as well.

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