Dans le noir?

‘Dans le noir’ is the name of a restaurant in Paris. Now you probably wonder what food has in common with our topic. I am not going to give you a review about this restaurant, since we haven’t visited it , but I am going to talk about the concept of this restaurant.

On the website, they describe their restaurant as

“A diving trip into your imagination to “reset” your senses and meet other people. A unique experience that our divisions Ethik Event and Ethik Management try to share with large corporations or institutions in order to develop a positive perception of the difference and to improve the integration of disabilities at work.”

The visitors are having dinner in the pitch dark, guided and served by blind guides. The goal of this experience is to take away the vision of the visitors and let them use their other senses to experience the world of the blind people. To enhance the experience, they let the visitors choose from a surprise menu. This means that they don’t know what they will get. After the dinner, the detailed menu is revealed, which can be a real surprise for some of the visitors.

I really like the concept of this restaurant. It does not only raise awareness for the blind people but it also employs them in a way so that the visitors are dependent on them.

What do you think about this concept? Will you visit this restaurant if you have the chance? Do you think it will change the view of their visitors?





3 responses to “Dans le noir?

  1. There is one in brussels as well, or was I’m not sure. I went there with my dad in law as both of us were intrigued by the concept. Let me tell you: it was awesome. We had an absolute blast. Though it was a little unsettling at the beginning.

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